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Post-Circumcision Treatment for Your Baby

There are several things to consider when giving your child post-circumcision care. Your baby may need to stay in hospital for up 7 days depending on the type and extent of the procedure. Infant formula can reduce most pain. Your doctor can help you minimize your baby’s discomfort. These guidelines will ensure that your child receives the best circumcision care.

To ensure a quick recovery, your baby will require special care. The area should be cleaned daily with warm water, soap, and petroleum jelly. In some cases, your child may not need to be circumcised immediately. You can also wait until the baby has had a bowel move. You should keep your child in hospital for approximately two days following the procedure. You should apply acetaminophen liberally to the area.

Your healthcare provider will prepare your penis with an antiseptic solution before the procedure. This will numb your area and prevent you from experiencing pain during the circumcision. Your baby will be awake throughout the entire procedure. To help calm him, a pacifier with sugar water may be used. The healthcare provider will then place your baby in a restraining device. After the procedure, your baby will be placed in a special operating room where he will restrain him from moving. During the procedure, your penis will need to be cleaned and prepared in a special surgical room.

A child who has had a circumcision will need to be monitored to ensure that the healing process is complete. If your baby experiences fever after the procedure, contact a pediatrician or emergency service. The doctor could prescribe pain medication to increase bleeding. Consider circumcision for your child with a certified practitioner who uses an sterile technique.

Your child should be washed thoroughly with warm water, and not used diaper wipes after the procedure. After a circumcision your baby should have his or her skin cleaned with soap and water. For the next three to five day, you should not allow your baby to drink milk. Petroleum jelly can be used on the bris, penis, and other areas to reduce swelling and pain. This is an important part to post-circumcision and will help your child recover.

The procedure should be performed by a pediatrician or urologist. A yellow discharge may also be seen in your child. In rare cases, your baby may experience redness or crusting. These are normal reactions after surgery. It is recommended that you wait at least seven to 10 days before bathing your child. You can then allow your child to play or swim. The doctor will remove the Plastibell and leave it in your baby’s diaper.

After circumcision, you should continue to soak your son’s penis for one week. This will prevent the incisions from becoming crusty. You can also clean the penis of your son with a damp cloth. His incision should be kept clean. Your child must be able urinate comfortably without pain. This is a decision you should make before your son is born. It will ensure that your child is happy and healthy.

After circumcision, a child might feel uneasy. A tiny amount of blood in the diaper is normal. But continuous bleeding is not. Wash your hands after touching the circumcision area. The healing process can be slowed by alcohol. Your baby should drink lots and lots of water following the procedure. To ease the pain, a neoprene gel can be used. This will reduce the possibility of infection.

Your son will be fussy the first few day after circumcision. Your baby should be capable of urinating normally. It is important to not change your baby’s diapers too often. You may notice a newborn crying for the first few days. Your baby should cry for the first 48 hours. You should change the bandages every two days to prevent an infection. Your son will need to be in a dark, warm room.