Very Common Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes

When extreme weather patterns are experienced the functionality of the air conditioning unit becomes a major issue. During the hot summer months, there is nothing as irritating as being in a room without a functioning air conditioner. To avoid disappointment, it is important that you procure a good quality AC unit for use at home or the office. However, just like any other product, there are pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss common air conditioning installation problems.

#1 Sufficient Air Failing To Pass Through The Vents Of The Unit

Otherwise known as airflow, referred to in CFM. This will obviously have a disastrous effect on the air conditioning of the room. This failure could be because of a dirty filter. Excessive amounts of dirt may clog the airways in the filter and thereby block flow of air through the vents. Another common problem occurs when only hot air blows into the room.

Any number of factors including a dirty filter may cause this to happen. Sometimes you may come home only to find that the entire air conditioning unit is not working. This sometimes occurs because of overheating of the compressor due to malfunctioning of the outside fan. Insufficient airflow will definitely have you calling for air conditioning repair service if not corrected quickly.

#2 Improperly Installed Or Faulty Wiring

This may also cause the AC unit to fail to work. Bad wiring will cause the circuit breaker to trip due to fuse overload. It may also cause an eruption of fire in some cases. Sometimes the system may fail to work due to the thermostat. The thermostat may fail because it is defective or due to poor installation.

Other problems are specific to evaporative air conditioning systems. One of the major problems of evaporative units is the aspect of continuous cooling without regulation of temperature. Because of this, the room is either too hot or too cold for the occupants. Evaporative systems function by sucking in the warm air in your room and passing it over cool water and then releasing the moisture into your home. The releasing of excessive moisture into your house has the effect of encouraging the growth of molds.

#3 ┬áRefrigerant Leaking From Your AC’s Refrigerant Lines

AC leakage is common and is the primary cause of losing almost 30 percent of the airflow. However, these air leaks can be fixed easily with the help of some foil tape and duct mastic for central units while sealing corners with tape and stuffing foam between devices and window frames usually does the trick for window unit air leaks.

#4 Leaky Ducts That Aren’t Adequately Sealed

This is one of the most common air conditioning installation problems. Improperly sealed ducts will leak and may lose valuable cooling into the attic or other. This is a problem that you will find in most air conditioners.

#5 Improperly Installed Drains

This is a problem that you will find in most Air conditioning systems. Improperly installed drains or drains that lack emergency overflow are common problems. Even if the drain is well maintained, there is always a probability that the main drain will fail and there will be water leakage through your walls or ceiling.

#6 Improperly Charged Refrigerant Levels

It is very important to check the refrigerant or coolant level of an AC system. A 10% loss of air conditioning refrigerant might cost the home or business a 20% increment in power cost and can also result to undue wear and tear on the AC unit.

Below you will find a video on how to properly connect the gauges to your air conditioner in order to check the refrigerant levels.